Colorado Sunshine

Posted: 5 November 2009 in Uncategorized
It’s been a couple weeks since I wrote a blog, so here’s the latest wrapup!!
So I decided this year to head down to Colorado and get in the second last NACT race of the season in Longmont and Boulder.  Little did I  realize that they are at a pretty high elevation of approx. 5500 ft and my first attempt at some high elevation racing.  I have to thank Blue Sky velo off the bat because they helped hook me up with a host for the weekend to keep some of the costs down.  Thanks Kayla!
So Thursday was supposed to be an easy 2.5 hr flight direct from Edmonton to Denver, although when I got to the airport, I had realizes that the ‘storm’ that was happening in Denver at the moment, might have not been so good.  My first flight was cancelled, but the lady at the front desk who couldn’t really read the screen decided to put me on a flight to Calgary so I could get on one from there which was still A OK!  So I headed to Calgary, once there, they said my connection to Denver was cancelled also, so they put me on standby for a 6pm flight.  Luckily I made it on that one, so I got into Denver at about 10pm.  They were right, there was a boat load of snow.  Jumped on the Super Shuttle (got hosed 20 Bucks because of my bikes) and chatted with a very cute potential nursing student (Amy) about life and bikes and triathlons before she got dropped off in Denver, and we were off to Longmont.  Finally made it to Kayla’s place after a now full day of travel, and passed out.
Sso the Saturday’s course was pretty cool, although when I pre-rode it, I noticed that they had shovelled almost half of the snow off the course… Really?  I thought that is what cross is all about!  Anyways, it was pretty fast with lots of hard sticky mud climbs and challenging sections with one sand pit that had a 180 degree turn into it. Ya, ridable? half the time…  and another super bumpy barrier section with a long road climb up to the finish. 
This is getting long, so i’ll point fom the rest:
– Spun out in morning of race
– Realized that school parking lots are ‘closed’ on weekends and closelined myself in the parking lot
– got to the start feeling alright
– Got 2nd row call up!
– Had a really good start
– Realized I may have started too fast, and went backwards
– Rolled it with Parbo and Zack Macdonald for most the race
– Made too many mistakes
– Tried to out sprint Parbo on the hill
– Finished behind Parbo
– Happy with 12th
– Went to the car wash
– left with dirty car and clean bikes
– showered and felt warm
– Spent Haloween eating 2 entree’s at the local brewhouse
– went to sleep
Day 2  Boulder Cup
– By this time, everything was bone dry, no more snow
– broke my tinted sunglasses
– pre-rode course and said hi to Geoff
– Talked about H1N1
– I stayed away from him
– Talked about the sand
– Tried to ride the sand
– Went to to Rudy Project Tent
– Borrowed some sunglasses
– Drank Redbull
– Got 2nd row call up
– Started conservatively as I knew it would hurt if I pushed it
– Was back in the 20’s
– Got better and passed lots of guys
– settled with Zack Macdonald and local guys
– tried to attack the group of 5
– got a gap
– hit the sand pit with my head
– went backwards 5 spots
– Finished 19th.
– slept some more
– Rode to Lyons, didn’t dress warm enough, got cold
– Had shower warmed up
– Packed bikes
– went to airport and donated my first born to bring bikes back home (600 Bucks to be exact)
– flew home
– Slept
Next up: Alberta Provincials in Cow town!

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