Toronto UCI

Posted: 19 October 2009 in Uncategorized
Another weekend in the bag, and another top 10 result at a NACT race!  Saturday’s race was the same as last years, only with way more turns on the bottom of the hill, and this time it was BONE DRY!  The course is basically on the side of the ski hill and you go up and down it once a lap, utilizing as much of the climbing as possilbe, and damn were they good at that. 
We started off pretty good, and it was super fast.  It narrowed a bit going into the first couple of turns, and beause of all the turny stuff on the flats, it was basically single file racing until we got to the open sections (which were rare).  After one lap of being behind Osmand, and multiple times of trying to pass him, I finally got around him, but by then, there was a bit of a gap to the next guys.  A few guys started funmbling on the barriers and when I came through on lap 2 Jeremy Powers had just fumbled on the re-mount holding up the group and almost allowing me to catch back up.  I tried for a while to chase them back, and nearing the end of the race I noticed that Jessie Anthony and Andy J-M were starting to fade a bit, and Powers was coming on strong behind me, so I really tried to put in a pretty big dig to catch them, but ultimately Powers caught me before the start of the hill, and I gave it my all to stay with him.  Through the cornering at the bottom again, I caught back up to him and rolled with him until the end and he easily pulled away from me in the sprint.  It was pretty fun though rolling with him at the end.
Day 2:
Today was a pretty flat very fast course with lots of tall grass to race through.  The year before was super fun when it just poored on us all day which made for a pretty good mud fest, but this time it was bone dry again.  I had a very good start after getting a spot on the inside and most guys took the corner super hot last year and I was able to pass lots of them.  Well, same thing this year, I moved up to 4th spot after the first turn, and managed to roll with the top guys for a bit, before they really started to pull away.  I felt strong early on, but didn’t feel like I could last all that well.  It was a very hard race and you could rest a bit if you sat on a group, but if you fumbled a bit at all, you’d lose contact.  I was rolling with Watson, Trace, and Batty for most of the race before I fumbled on a rutty section of the course and took the turn too sharp and basically went head over bars at that point.  Tried to chase back on, but couldn’t catch them.  11th isn’t that bad!
Next weekend, off to Louisville Kentucky!!!!!!

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