Dark Knight – Oval Cross

Posted: 6 October 2009 in Uncategorized
So I headed down to Calgary last weekend to get some more great racing in the legs the week before Nationals, and managed to come out of it pretty good.  Saturday was Dark Knight, with my favourite racing being done at night, it was a blast!  I love the sand pits!  Finally, some sand that’s rideable!
Sunday was a different story, when we woke up to about 2 inches of snow on the ground, I knew it would be a pretty good mud fest!  We got to the course and everything was still soaked!  It started to tack up for our race a bit, but was still very greasy.  Especially the sections where the earlier racers were slipping out on.  Made for some fun technical riding, but not so much hammering.  Thanks to Cyclemeisters for putting on a great race with some killer prize money!!  Now I can buy myself some new tires for my car, which has been long over due, and since I got a flat on the way to my parents house last night, it’s time right now to do it!
Off till the weekend!!!!  Soooo pumped!

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