First weekend of Alberta Racing

Posted: 28 September 2009 in Uncategorized
So I have been scoping out a park on the south side of Edmonton for a while now, trying to come up with a pretty cool design for a cyclocross course.  I managed to finally make the dream a reality this weekend with the first annual School of Cross.  After the whole week of basically full time working on adding final touches to the race, and organizing what I could to try and make it run smoothly, we headed out Friday to the site to get what we could done on building the stairs and pounding in Stakes for the rope the next day.  It all ran pretty smoothly, with the dirt truck showing up a little late, I was on my toes hoping for the best!  We ended up finishing the course build a little late on Saturday morning as some punk kids decided to go out and bust up half our stakes in the field, although we still were able to make our first race time of 10am.  at around noon, I held a cyclocross clinic for some of the kids and/or anyone who wanted to get some tips from me to try out in their races.  It was a big hit, with almost 15 people showing up to learn skills and all the cool stuff with cross.  We also had the kids race which went over quite well and was funny to see the little ones try and lift their bikes over the rather large barriers!  anyways, on to the big boys!
School of Cross-
So after throwing things together (bike wise) at the last moment, I decided to go with the regular tread tires, and the bike that was working the best at the time.  The B bike had some brake issues and some file treads, which I thought would be a bit squirly in the corners for this type of course.  So I got 2nd row call up and managed to screw up my start REALLY bad, and clipped out about 3 different times.  I got back to it, and managed to claw my way back to the front by the end of the first lap.  By that time Bunnin was off the front, so the chase was on.  Only first time down the big descent, he bailed huge, and managed to wreak his shiter I guess.  Oh well, off Cody and I went.  A few laps in, I noticed something was going wrong with my left pedal as I was having a hard time clipping in after the barriers.  I thought it was nothing, so I kept going.  Although half way around it really got jammed, and I was only left with one working pedal.  I had to decide: 1 working pedal, or some file treads and a brake lever that hits the bars when i brake.  I thought all or nothing, so I switched bikes!  Layed the hammer down out of the pit, and almost biffed it.  Rolled off the front again shortly after, then Bunnin caught up to me.  We rolled it for a while, then he threw in a pretty knarly dig which I let him take a bit, but always kept him in my sights.  After a lap or so he started to come back a bunch, and with one lap to go I was sitting on his wheel on the road section.  just before hitting the grass, I passed him and threw the hammer down.  Only to realize that I designed a really long lap, and it was quite hard to keep the pressure on for the whole lap.  But eventually after the slight bit of a climb up the hill, i gapped him, and after almost washing out on a corner, I was on the final home streach and rolled it in for my first Alberta win of the season.
Now this one was interesting.  With all the wind that was picking up during the day, and the very roadie style course, it made for quite the interesting combination.  We ended up rolling a pretty small group almost to the end, when Larson attacked after the short steep climb on the bike and Bunnin decided he had had enough riding hard.  I got slowed up a bit, but right away went to laying the hammer down and trying to bridge up to Dave.  By the next time up the barriers i caught him and the I threw down what I could before the lead into the finish.  I knew that I had to lead it out, or it would be quite a hard sprint in the end, although Larson managed to outsprint me in the final meters.  2nd, not bad.
On to Dark Knight next weekend!

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