Team H&R Block – Kona and Update

Posted: 6 May 2009 in Uncategorized
So I’ve finally had some time to sit down and reflect on the whole crazy last couple of months.  With the switch from cross to road now complete, it’s good fun to be able to race as a full on team again.  This year Team H&R Block – Kona has stepped up sponsorship with the Alberta Team combining with the forces of Kona – Adobe in Vancouver.  We have a super strong team in Western Canada and the goal is to dominate!  Check out our website @  We just wrapped up our team training camp last weekend in Penticton and it was a blast!  Can’t wait to be killing myself for the boys in the summer!  Good things to come…
On a personal note: I’ve found a link to an article that See magazine wrote about me last year when I was preparing for my first road season with Team H&R Block.
You can also find team updates on Twitter (can be found through the team website).
Happy riding!

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