Milan World Cup

Posted: 12 February 2009 in Uncategorized
So it’s long awaited, and I apologize, but here is the last couple races of my European Campaign for 2008/2009.
Because Milan is a bit of a skip from the Belgian hemesphere, we all (athletes) opted to fly there while the support crew drove around the clock to get in the next morning.  We arrived in Milan (Bergamo) on Saturday morning and now needed to get to Milan (Linate) which is basically a bit of a heafty jog (especially when you don’t have a vehicle; it’s a one hour drive in the car) so the plan was to get to the train station, go to Milan Centre, then head out to Linate and be there in time to ride the course before it got dark.  We exited the hotel and missed our first bus, tried to get on the second one and found out we needed to buy tickets at the local convenience shop, then jumped on the third bus.  We got to the train station and was basically a little late/ it was leaving later than we thought.  We jumped on and it smelled like garbage.  Right before we left the station the girls got a call from Stef in the van and he was on his way to pick them up, so it left the dudes to figure out the rest of the trip.  So we headed on the train to the centre and after getting directions from a homeless dude, we found our bus to linate airport.  Got in and needed to take a cab from the airport to the hotel.  We finally got in at about 4 pm, it was a bit of an interesting gong show.  I opted to ride the trainer as it was basically dark and would ride the course on race day.
The course was pretty flat and basically just held in a park on the side of this massive sports reservoir for boating events.  It started off with a pretty big road section and skipped over to the grass and almost directly into some turney grass corners then into it’s first Mound.  Basically the course was on this old school bmx type track so there were lots of up and downs (pretty small) with tight corners and a lot of open fast VERY choppy grass sections.  Half way through the grass section there were a couple of woopty woops (I would call them) and were pretty sloppy with the recent snow melt that was visible from the side of the course.  Then it came out of the field and into some stairs and then back down and up a bank and then into a treed over area before hitting some barriers and dumping back onto the road section.
Milan World Cup
Basically I had a really good start because I managed to miss the crazy crash at the beginning of the race and was really feeling good.  I knew that I was working but didn’t think I’d actually Blow as spectacularly as I did.  I had a good first couple of fast laps with randome fast guys passing me.  I ended up keeping it upright for most of the course but I started to feel the steep ride ups getting to the legs and shreading them as I might put it.  Everything from there just got slower and slower.  I managed to last about 40 minutes as the course was very small (5:30 min laps I think for the fast guys) before I got pulled.  Yes, that’s right, I got pulled and wasn’t able to finish the race because they thought we were slow.  The group was coming up on us fast, but they usually wait for us to get lapped before they pull us.  Oh well, onto the next one.
Next race… Worlds!

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