Otegem Belgium A Race (Post- Belgium Nationals)

Posted: 14 January 2009 in Uncategorized
So myself and Andre Sutton decided that it’s been a while since we’ve been racing, so we wanted to hit up the A race in Otegem, about 1.5 hrs drive away.  We showed up and the mens race was basically the only race of the day so hardly anyone was there in the morning.  Took us a while of walking around to find the sign on and it wasn’t going to be open for another 2 hrs or so.  Man were we early!!!  After a while we sorted it out and pre-rode the course.  It was a fairly simple course with not all that much for technical wise.  A bunch of road sections downhill, uphill, with a bunch of zigzagging in an open field with (get this) my first set of Belgian barriers!!!!!  It was a pretty small course and had a couple woops in it too, so it made it pretty fun. Also, this one had 2 single entry pits in the course which split up the pit alot.  All in all I think the fast guys were probably doing sub 6 minute laps. 
They actually managed to get my start place correct this time so i’m starting to get noticed!!  Hahaha, I was actually 3rd row this time with over 30 guys in the race.  The start was pretty fast and on a very long paved unhill section before it turned down a cobbled back alley before an off cambre section and around a grassy soccer pitch.  (in the pre-riding of the course, I managed to get my bars tangled around the tape on the side and hit the post which flipped me over the bars and onto the ground HARD.  I felt like crap after that and really was worried about my leg being in the shape it was in.  It hurt bad and I was worried it would affect my race.  Oh well I just kept warming up and hopefully it would go away)  Anyways about half way through the firsst lap I looked behind me and there was one other dude, with Andre tagging along shortly behind him.  We were the last couple guys in the race!  I didn’t want that, so I started to work my way back up!  I found another group in front of me and rode with them for a while after picking off one of them at a time.  These guys would take the corners soooooo slow and then gun it on the open flats enough that i’d almost get dropped everytime.  I really needed to start getting in front of them as I felt I was WAY faster in the corners.  After a few laps I managed to make another small group and there were guys coming and going in the groups so I really had no idea where I was in the large skeem of things but I didn’t care I just kept hammering!  I managed to be on my own for the 3rd quarter of the race i’d say after getting dropped by a couple of team mates.  One guy managed to catch up to me, and as it was 3 laps to go, I told myself that I WAS GOING TO BEAT THAT GUY ACROSS THE LINE!  I wanted to do this in order to boost the fitness and push myself a bunch.  Worls is just around the corner and this was a good training session to get prepared for it.  So I rode in front of him for a lap, then he passed me for a lap, before I managed to get in front on the big uphill road section.  I was able to drop him before by throwing in an attack on the last bit of the road and then taking the corners good in the field, so I did the same thing on the last lap and that’s what really did it.  I think he might have given up, because he was no where to be seen after I threw down my spicey attack! 
I managed to come accross the line in 23rd position overall and 11st out of the "Non-Contract" guys.  I was about 3/4’s of a lap down I would say from the leaders which is pretty good concidering the very fast lap times and short loops.  It’s really good for the confidence now, so i’m looking forward to the World Cups to Come!!!!
Next race:  World Cup Roubaix!  Look for loads of mud to be flung in this one!!!!

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