Tervuren C2 Race

Posted: 4 January 2009 in Uncategorized
So this one should might be short.  It was a pretty cool course today, and was basically half snowing on the course which made it quite a bit sketchy during the mens race.  The track was VERY fast although had a few pretty cool technical sections along with a sand section to slow you up a bit and make some of the corners a bit hairy!  Starting off you had the start stretch then a turn onto a long uphill (felt very slow) grass section, that was frozen, then turned onto some road/gravel sections that turned through this treed area in a square like pattern.  Then dropped into some quick turns before making it down into the very fast pits.  The pits were the coolest set up i’ve seen because they basically had their own area with almost stadium viewing from each side it seemed like.  Then up onto some grass and gravel again which was a bit turner but mostly had frozen tracks in it.  Some dude crashed there on the first lap and looked like he really messed himself up!  Then down into some more turney stuff with some deep more moist tracks in the ground before heading back onto the fast flat grass.  after a quick jog it headed into the pretty hard packed sand section that had a 90 Deg turn at the end.  The up into the cool section that was up and down winding through this little valley on the side of a hill.  It was cool and MTB’ey.  Then into the pit again before heading to the start finish.
Tervuren C2
So I got a pretty good call up this time and they actually honored it this time so I was called up in the middle of the third row.  There were quite a few people racing that day, and it’s a cool feeling to be in the mix sometimes.  Got a really good start and off the bat it was looking pretty good.  I was in a pretty strong group near the end of the lap and then on the tail end of the second lap, some dude crashed in front of me that I couldn’t avoid so I was hung up a bit before heading back out.  I was pretty choked because the strong group I was with had left me in the dust, or shall I say the cold.  So I started to dig back again.  I had a really tough time with the sand pit every time, I really needed to take it a bit more chill and sort out my technique a bit, because I was really starting to loose valuable time every lap in the sand.  I was pretty strong with the MTBey stuff, and felt pretty fast on the flat drags, but the climbs and the sand were starting to get to me.  After a fw laps of tailing VERY close to my previous group I started to head rearwards.  I managed to ride with another couple guys for quite a while but found it hard to do the techincal stuff as they’d slow me up a bit, or I’d choose a bad line when riding behind them.  It was some pretty good training though for actually being able to battle with guys or ride a cross race in groups, because it’s rare that you get to do that when the conditions aren’t so fast.   Niels Albert won today and was leading at one point by like 1 minute.  I came very close to getting lapped today, but managed to hold him off on the very last lap!  I’m starting to get good at being the last (non lapped) rider!!!
Oh well, it’s a step in the right direction right!!!!  Now time for some much needed break from racing!  Next race, not till Monday the 12th!!!!

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