Azencross GVA

Posted: 30 December 2008 in Uncategorized
So I checked the temperature for the race today and it said that it was going to be a minimum of -7 and a high of Plus Nothing, so I knew it was going to be a cold race.  We got there with plenty of time, and after some food and dropping off a Christmas present, I was getting ready to ride.  I pre-rode the seriously frozen track a couple laps and that was enought o get the idea of it.  It was pretty technical though with more than a few BMX style bumps in it, was generally pretty narrow course, and lots and lots of turns.  For the most part it was flat, but lots of changing terrain though and quite a few flyovers!
So I don’t know if I just missed my call up or not, but I was basically the last guy to go to the line.  There were quite a few people racing, and all the top guns were there!  The start was pretty fast although because I was so far back, not many people were really gunning it.  About half way through the start straight Jempy Drecker Collided with another racer and the went down hard like it was a crit.  I managed to move by them and was off to start moving my way through everyone!  It wasn’t hard to move up though as there were loads of turns off the bat and the course really seemed to suit me well.  I’d be able to hold gaps on the straights and then I’d really start to close time with everyone on the technical turns and the bumps and stuff.  I was in no-mans land there for a couple laps when I really started to get into the groove of the course from riding on my own.  I almost made it up to Derrick St.John and Matt Shriver’s group and then I managed to get a little tooooo much air time over one of the rather large BMX bumps.  I landed hard on my saddle and because the ground was frozen, then bike slid out from under me and I went sliding into the fence.  I got up and was seriously hurting and I felt like someone had kicked me in the NUTS… Like repetitively!  So I jumped on the bike right away and rode around on my pedals only for about half a lap before I started to feel a little better.  I then got back into the groove and was able to start hammering again, but after all the rush of crashing you just never get to go as fast on a track as you could before it.  I eventually just got lapped right before they finished, but was pretty choked from having crashed.  Oh well, next race it going to be a good one!!!  Luxemburg on the 1st!!!

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