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World Cup Zolder

Posted: 27 December 2008 in Uncategorized
So we got all rested up after the trip to Nommay and I was looking forward quite a bit to the race in Zolder.  I heard that it was usually pretty technical and fast and dry, which is more like a North American race I would say.  Basically the course looked like a MTB course with a run up, and a couple long road sections in it.  I loved it!!!!  We went to pre-ride the day before (Christmas Day) and the course was still a little bit wet with a couple soupy sections and most of the sand (as there was lots of it) was pretty stickey.
Zolder World Cup
This time (because I have no World Cup Points, which are diffrent from UCI points) my call up was basically 5th from the last guy I would say.  With about 50 some guys in front of me, I was doomed to have a good race!  The start straight was basically about 700m or road into the head wind and then immediately went into a sweeping right hand corner and then a sharp left into the pits.  On the first corner some guys were messing around and crashing eachother on the left side, so I hugged the corner tight and missed out on all the carnage!  It was a CRAZY fast race right off the start and I was trying to keep with the guys in front of me, but they were VERY fast.  I was just behind a big groupd of guys on the one sandy section when I got off balance a bit and went off the track and into the deep sand section.  So I was pretty much off in my own for a while and after a few laps I rode with Molly Cameron for a few laps and then we hit the sketchy sandy decent and I was on the left and he was on the right when he got half the way down and endoed and basically landed in the crowd.  After another few laps a Danish dude caught up to me and we rode the rest of the race battling it out.  It’s much more fun when you have someone to duke it out with!! WIth about 3 laps to go I could tell that the leaders were starting to come up on us from behind a bit, so I decided to treat it as my last lap and I absolutely drilled it on every section that I could dig deep on.  The dude I was riding with just sat on my wheel and I didn’t mind it.  I wanted to work hard to not get lapped, so I tried to put the hammer down hard!!!!  On the end of my second last lap (and the leaders last lap) I came onto the road straight and the UCI guy was motioning to me to GO GO GO hard so we didn’t get lapped (as if he were the 3rd base coach motioning for the batter to run it all the way home!).  We sprinted it out in front of the leaders, and managed to be the last 2 guys to sneak through the start/finish.  The whole last lap was massive carnage.  As we were almost a minute behind the next guys everyone thought that the race was over so we had to deal with major amounts of spectators walking all over the course!  We were yelling at them and tryingt o get them to move, but most of them just didn’t care.  Oh well, we made our way through.  That’s probably one reason why we ended up being 2 minutes down on the last lap instead of what we were the lap before.  Although after digging so hard to keep away from being lapped, I was almost blown after we got through, and the other guy went in front of me and I almost just gave up, but then I couldn’t just let him go, so we battled it out. I managed to get in front of him before the last technical 180 deg turn that was in sand with a drop in it, and he screwed up and I finally rode it good.  After that, I sprinted my way through the crowd at the finish line before calling it a day!
It was fun, I liked it!
Next race:  Azencross (Dec. 30th)