World Cup, Nommay

Posted: 26 December 2008 in Uncategorized
So we got down to France after a 6 something hour drive (which isn’t that bad, but it’s loads when your the one doing most of the driving).  We were able to swap out drivers though, so I was able to get some shut eye!  (or bobble head time as some people might call it for me).  We got to pre-ride the course as soon as we got down there and it was pretty cool, but was going to be VERY hard the next day as it was loads of wet on the course and most of the course winded through a pretty deep grassy field!
Nommay World Cup
I managed to weezle a 2nd last row call up (some how) and there were a crap load of racers there too.  They had 85 at least sign up for the race and were on the start list.  It was incredible.   On the day there weren’t that many, but still.  The start was pretty fast and the typical bottle neck came about when everyone got to the first set of Mamouth stairs.  It was pretty surreal running in between 50 other dudes running up stairs with their bikes around their shoulders!  I was able to steer around a large pile up on the decent after the stairs by going on the inside and then after that it was straight into the mud pit of a field!  We weren’t able to have as many mechanics as we might have liked as there were only 2 people for 4 girls and 3 dudes.  I have to hand it to Stef for being the man on the spot and having to deal with cleaning 3 different bikes all within one lap!  I tried to hold off with the bike changing for as long as I could so I only changed every full lap, but almost wish I would have changed more!
After one of the off-cambre ascents in the mud some dude ended up slipping up in front of me and somehow managed to jam his foot right into my front wheel.  Now I have to get it trued, but still, I’m pretty choked about it!  I was able to ride a pretty strong race though after just racing 2 days before and after having to drive 6 hrs to get there.  So I was happy at the end of the day.  About half way through Derrick St. John managed to mangle both of his bikes and had to run a bit of the course to hit up the pits, but was strong enough to be able to catch me with about 3 laps to go.  I tried hard to hold off the charging Sven and Lars, but it just wasn’t in the books.  Lapped with 1 and a half to go!
Maybe next race, I’ll hold them off?

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