Scheldecross, Antwerp

Posted: 26 December 2008 in Uncategorized
So I really should jump on these race reports a little earlier than this, but right now i’m replaying the last 2 weeks of racing in Europe.  It’s currently Boxing Day in Belgium and it’s cold (compared to normal), but unfortunately, this is the first year that I haven’t had a White Christmas.
So I lined up at the C2 (I think) race basically on the last row.  There weren’t too many guys racing, but all the strongs ones showed up (with the exception of Sven Nys and Bart Wellens I think).  But off the gun it was a very fast a long start straight.  by the end of the start straight, I was basically in my 46/13.  It was fast.  Straight into a 180 degree turn.  During the first lap I did pretty good to hold my line and stay out of trouble (until I got to the sand of course).  This course (little did I know before hand) has about 600m of sand pit. 2 major ones per lap.  It’s incredible.  Pretty fast because it wasn’t all that wet (for the most part) so I didn’t need to change the bike at all.  It seemed that I was getting really good at taking crappy lines through the sand pits and the "paths" that were ridden into the sand from the previous guys, I just wasn’t really able to stay in them so I ended up doing LOTS of running.  I even ended up running into a couple of guys.  One guy even fell right in front of me and I didn’t have time to put on the brakes so I just rode right into his back!  If he didn’t want to get hit, he wouldn’t have crashed!!  That’s how I think of it.  Anyways, there is a pretty good picture that someone took of me coming out of the sand pit on one lap and I was looking at my heart rate monitor to see what it kept going to because it kept getting higher every lap I did that section!  I’ll try and post that one on here soon!
Anyways, I finished up getting lapped with one and a half laps to go.  I really need to work on my sand riding, as the sand riding over here is a whole different ball of wax compared to what were used to at home.  (although the sand here doesn’t freeze under ground (or turn to clay either), so we get off lucky! 
Next Race:  Nommay World Cup (southern France)

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