GB National Trophy Race, Whitwell Rutland

Posted: 14 December 2008 in Uncategorized
A bit of an update from accross the Atlantic:
I got in to London Heathrow After an 8 Hr flight.  It was 11:15 in the morning local time.  I got into the house in Lincoln (known in a place called "THE NORTH") I went to bed at around 10 at night and didn’t wake up until 4:30 PM Saturday evening.  That’s about 16 and a half hours of sleep.. It was Awesome!!!  I then jumped on the trainer at 11:30 and did an hour on the bike.  I felt pretty good so I finished the ride and hit the sack at about 1:30.  Ready to wake up at 9:00
National Trophy Race # 5?
Got a fair bit of a warm up in after pre-riding the course a couple times.  The track was pretty good in the morning, knowing that it would only get Worse later in the day after the early morning riders went on.  I rode around only half the course and I swear to you that my bike gained 10 lbs at least.
I ended up getting about 6th call up which was pretty cool.  I was on the front row and got a pretty good start.  The first half of the race I did well, moving up all the time and eventually sitting 3rd for a while.  Only to suffer from a couple of crashes due to the change in the course from the pre-ride time.  I really should have prepared for it, but knowing fearless me, thinking I can do everything superman can, I went down just a few times.  I knew by the end of the first lap I was sitting around 15th or so, so I needed to kick it into high gear.  After spoending the first lap and a half on my first bike, I decided to start changing every half lap as it was refreshing to get a new 10 lb less bike every once and a while.  It wasn’t necessarily the loss of weight, but the best part was the loss of friction due to the major clog from all the crap that was on the course.
I began to get into the groove and only started passing people from that point on.  I picked one guy out of the guys I was chasing, and managed to catch him with about 4 laps to go when we rode together with another dude before I tried a few time to drop them.  He ended up dropping me on a muddy section on the last lap, but I was able to put a load of time into the other guy.  I knew I was racing for top 10 by that time, and figured the dude in front of me would most likely get 10th as that’s usually the way it goes when I am just outside the UCI points.  I ended up 11th from all the top class English racers.  It’s not too bad, but I suspect that It’ll take me a few weeks to sort out my race and training schedule before i’m back to normal.  Oh well though it was a pretty fun race!  and first one in Great Britain!
Anyways, I’m getting up early to hit the english channel  (underground that is!)  SO off to bed for me!
Schooler signing off!

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