Alberta Cyclocross Provincials 2008

Posted: 10 November 2008 in Uncategorized
So I’ve been basically preparing for provincials for over a week now and got seriously worried last week when someone told me that Tim wasn’t going to be racing this weekend in Edmonton.  (Basically because I knew that I had a decent shot of taking home the win).  So I got a little stressed out about it, and then shrugged it off like it was just another race, and then got to preparation.
Race Report:
The day of, I took it VERY relaxed, and managed to sleep in pretty good, and took my sweet time to get to the course.  I got a front row start as it’s always usually pretty important, and right from the gun it was Shaun Adamson who took the whole shot and I was closely on his tail.  He lead the first 3/4 of the lap until we got to the sand pit.  I decided to jump in front of him in order to get first dibs on a line through the sand pit.  The effort payed off as I was probably the only person who made it all the way through without fumbling on the first lap.  I knew it because without putting in an effort, I got a pretty good gap at the end of the sand pit.  It took a group of guys a half a lap to chase back on, and then Bunnin decided to take over the lead pace making.  Again, I jumped on him right before we got to the sand pit and it was smooth sailing from there.  Shortly after that it was down to myself and Brian Robinson to duel it out for a lap and then after taking the lead into the sandpit again, I got a bit of a gap and decided not to look back from there on.
I tried to keep it as smooth as possible for as long as I possibly could.  I settled into a groove and really started to get to business.  After a few laps, Corey started yelling out split times to me, and it started off with 20 seconds to Chris McNeil.  I think probably every half lap after that, I was gaining almost 5 to 10 seconds every half a lap.  I felt so strong on the climbs and used the whole flat and down hill sections to rest up before hammering it into the hills every lap.  I really started to feel strong after a very slow start to the cross season, so I was VERY happy with it.  I finally got to smile in a race and was really just having a blast.  I just really wanted that Jersey!!!!!  With about 4 laps to go, I started to really know that I had a fair amount of time to spare (it was around a minute or just over) and so I pulled a Lars Boom and slapped myself in the face, and said "Aaron!  What are you doing, you have a race to finish!!!!" so I trugged along and dug even harder, keeping in mind not to over do it the whole time.  But I was on a roll.  And I was pretty pumped about it!
Next race:  Toronto International UCI races!

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