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Toronto Here we come!
So I finished the 4 some hour flight after getting delayed a little bit waiting for people I think at about 11:30 at night.  The weather was looking good and it seemed that I was going to be another DRY weekend of racing cross.  Oh how I was wrong.
Race report Day 1:
Because of my semi decent results this year, and no really good results, I got a 2nd row call up.  Which is good because no pressure what so ever!  Right off the bat, the pace wasn’t as fast as I thought it might be.  But still it was pretty quick.  It started raining after the women rode, and I had a feeling from the rain the night before that the course was going to be crazy.  Well about 10 minutes into our race, it just started to come down like The god’s were mad at us.  Anyways, I was pretty lucky that I finally got my deep dish carbon wheels set up with Rhyno’s becuase they saved my ass in this one.  And thanks to Kyle Douglas who was my pit man the whole race.  I probably could have reduced the amount of times that I crashed in the races because I didn’t need to, and it took me about 4 laps to sort out a really good rythm on how things worked well.  After that I was a killing machine.  I even dropped my chain once after I crashed and had to dig it out of my cassette and wheel.  It took a while, but I knew I just had to suck it up and Hammer back like mad!  I ended up riding to 11th spot, and would have been in the top 10 if I didn’t crash so much, but oh well.  Not bad for the first muddy race of the year!
Race Report Day 2:
I ended up getting some good sleep again the night before as we didn’t start the race until 3 again.  Dominic ended up crashing on his bike and busted his shifter and was trying to figure out a way to fix it in order to race on the second day.  So he stole his shifter from his little bro’s bike and thought that it might work.  I also got a flat on my new wheel set and was trying to sort out a way to deal with it.  Dom luckily had some Stans no tube stuff in the garage, so I grabbed some of that, and after a bit of encouragement and a slide out of the valve, we ended up getting it in there.  Dom decided to not race at the last minute after trying to monster up his bike with a mix of 9 and 1- speed stuff.
So I got the same call up as the first day, and after pre-riding the course, I wasn’t really looking for a huge result, but i’d still go out and kill it and see what happened.  I got a really good start and sat behind Tim Johnson for the first half a lap, unitl it started to go uphill anyways.  The course was still a bit wet, and then decided to drizzle on us a quarter the way though, before Eventually drying up even more.  The first couple laps were what spread the field out even more than the first day.  I ended up staying relatively upright the whole time, and didn’t have too much touble.  I hovered around top 10 for a long time before eventually fading to 14th.  I picked up a couple of Guys who were further ahead than I was and almost caught a Fruito Fiortta guy right near the end after he dropped his chain, but was SOL on that one.  I really was able to dig today, and needed to as it was very hard turning a LARGE gear up hill and slipping out the whole time.  It was intense.  I finished up 14th and got a couple more UCI points in the bag to complete the weekend
Next race:  New Jersey USGP Next weekend!
So I’ve been basically preparing for provincials for over a week now and got seriously worried last week when someone told me that Tim wasn’t going to be racing this weekend in Edmonton.  (Basically because I knew that I had a decent shot of taking home the win).  So I got a little stressed out about it, and then shrugged it off like it was just another race, and then got to preparation.
Race Report:
The day of, I took it VERY relaxed, and managed to sleep in pretty good, and took my sweet time to get to the course.  I got a front row start as it’s always usually pretty important, and right from the gun it was Shaun Adamson who took the whole shot and I was closely on his tail.  He lead the first 3/4 of the lap until we got to the sand pit.  I decided to jump in front of him in order to get first dibs on a line through the sand pit.  The effort payed off as I was probably the only person who made it all the way through without fumbling on the first lap.  I knew it because without putting in an effort, I got a pretty good gap at the end of the sand pit.  It took a group of guys a half a lap to chase back on, and then Bunnin decided to take over the lead pace making.  Again, I jumped on him right before we got to the sand pit and it was smooth sailing from there.  Shortly after that it was down to myself and Brian Robinson to duel it out for a lap and then after taking the lead into the sandpit again, I got a bit of a gap and decided not to look back from there on.
I tried to keep it as smooth as possible for as long as I possibly could.  I settled into a groove and really started to get to business.  After a few laps, Corey started yelling out split times to me, and it started off with 20 seconds to Chris McNeil.  I think probably every half lap after that, I was gaining almost 5 to 10 seconds every half a lap.  I felt so strong on the climbs and used the whole flat and down hill sections to rest up before hammering it into the hills every lap.  I really started to feel strong after a very slow start to the cross season, so I was VERY happy with it.  I finally got to smile in a race and was really just having a blast.  I just really wanted that Jersey!!!!!  With about 4 laps to go, I started to really know that I had a fair amount of time to spare (it was around a minute or just over) and so I pulled a Lars Boom and slapped myself in the face, and said "Aaron!  What are you doing, you have a race to finish!!!!" so I trugged along and dug even harder, keeping in mind not to over do it the whole time.  But I was on a roll.  And I was pretty pumped about it!
Next race:  Toronto International UCI races!