Red Deer Madness

Posted: 28 October 2008 in Uncategorized
So I decided to check the weather forecast on Friday night in search for some warm weather and hopefully a drop of rain or two.  Instead, they said quite the opposite:  Severe wind warning in effect for Red Deer and surrounding areas.  Oh ya, and a high of plus 6.  Didn’t sound all that bad! 🙂

On the drive down, I was getting blown around the road like a sail boat and i’m in a little car. Tried to start warming up outside and figured I needed to dress as if it was below zero, and it seemed to do the trick.  The Starting line was at the end of a pretty big gravel parking lot and every wind gust the sand and crud would be blown up from the lot and right into your everything (I say that because it actually got everywhere.  Your car, your bike, your clothes, and it was so bad at times I felt like I was under a sand blasting machine and the dude working it hated my guts because I slept with his wife or something; metaphor not necessary, but thought i’d throw it in for good measures).

We started the race after everyone agreeing to cut the race short from 60 to 50 min.  It was a good call though because by the time our start rolled around, it was getting bad.  Race started, and right from the gun Tim nailed it.  It was a jug F*%& behind him of guys trying to chase, and it eventually was widdled down to myself and Bunnin with Ryan Hopping just off our wheels.  After a couple laps of riding with Bunnin I wasn’t having too much fun as I was probably doing the majority of the work to chase back Tim and Bunnin looked like he only really wanted to beat me, so I had a few words, and he proceeded to Gutter me into the fence after pulling through.  So I responded with an attack that went un answered.  After a lap or so (and a couple of crashes on my part) I was almost caught by Shaun, So I figured I’d stop and fix my bent Hood.  I Fixed it and then jumped on his wheel again. After going through the sand pit and being faced with breaking wind again, I decided to ride by myself and rode in a complete 360.  Then the rest of the race was followed by me chasing down Bunnin to no avail.

It was a VERY hard race with the wind being so bad, but it was pretty fun to just go out there and play around in a race.  I have been pretty serious with Nationals and worried about fitness lately that I forgot to have a bit of fun, and so that’s what I did.

Next Race:  Provincials!  In E-town  Goldbar at 1:00 Sunday Nov. 2


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