Cross Season Kick off!

Posted: 2 October 2008 in Uncategorized
So the cross season has kicked off to a pretty good start.  The first weekend of racing saw some great new courses in Gold Bar Park in Edmonton.  David Larson, showing some early season form stuck it to the Elites in both races taking the wins over myself on the first day and Tim Heemskerk on the second.
The first day of racing was basuically a race of attrition with a small group forming early that had Me, Dave Larson, Mike Bidniak, Shaun Adamson, and Chris McNeil.  Eventually after dropping one off the back every couple of laps it seemed, Shaun having tripped over his bike on the barrier, it was then down to just myself and Dave.  With Bids eating away at be back of us, I was forced to lead out the last few laps and then with 1 and a half to go Dave attacked at the same time I fumbled on a barrier and it was enough to say goodbye!
The second day was also very challenging with Tim racing his first ABA event of the season.  Dave decided to hit it big right off the gun and attacked early.  After Tim trying everything to chase him back I tried to hang onto his wheel and just couldn’t after almost half the race.  This race was decided early with the major selection being made in the first 15 min of racing! 
Not too bad for the first weekend of cross considering my first barrier at speed was done on the first day of racing.  I’m still coming around from the two massive crashes I had at the end of the MTB and Road Season so I think i’m off to a good start!
Until next time!

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