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Jasper Junior Olympics!

Posted: 5 March 2007 in Uncategorized
I got this call on Wed. night last week and it was Laura saying that they needed some extra Coaches for Jasper this weekend.  So I said it’d do it!  After another successful Sapper’s Ball on Fri night I got 3 hours sleep and got up to pack and leave for Jasper.  3 Redbulls down and 400 km later I made it to Marmot and I was ready to ski by 8.  It was a fun weekend because I figured i’d bring my bike out and take advantage of the +5 deg. warmth they had out there and went for a 2 and a half hour bike ride.  First going down the marmot hill, then back up.  But, the kids did awesome and after finishing like 7th in the team standings it was almost ready to go home. Actually it was!  On the way home we passed by my dad and my brother’s who were skiing parkers ridge and more in the back country.  Then I passed out when I got home!
Great weekend
Oh ya … the pictures are still coming ….