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Ski Trip Report

Posted: 27 February 2007 in Uncategorized
Hello everyone,
Back at work now, I have time to update the Blog.  Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time at our ski trip this year.  Again, it was very successful and if anyone wants to leave some suggestions for next years ski trip i’d greatly appreciate it.  I will have the photo’s posted by the end of the week as I can’t do it at work.  Anywho,  Next year will be very similar to this one as I think it was a great success and a huge step up from the Shit-Faced crappy hotel room trip of last year.  I’ve had many requests to go to other hills and I’m totally up for it.  Depending on who’s up for it I kinda want to hit up Whistler next year.  Or maybe Sun Peaks or something.  We’ll see.  Anywho,  I hope you all leave a comment of some kind even if you have nothing to say just post that then.  And I hope you all enjoy the pics when they are posted.