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Post Worlds Report

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So …
I am home now and not liking going to work for 8 hours a day so much.  I would be better if it was summer and i could bike all the time after work.   Oh well!  Next Race Report.
World Championships of Cyclocross 2007          Hooglede-Gits, Belgium
So it started off pretty well with an early rise at about 5:30 I think.  We had to get there early because Spencer is a Junior and ripped it up in the morning.  Once I got there I think I slept an extra hour or so in the motorhome that a Belgian family lent us.  I walked the course and it looked quite a bit more tackey than the pre-ride the day before where everyone was crashing just trying to ride it so I was pretty stoked about that.  Then I waited around till it was time to get dressed and warm-up.
Okay, now it’s race time!  We all rode around a bunch on the start finish stretch while everyone signed on and waited for their call-ups.  I think I got mid-pack or just behind mid-pack call up so I had good position on the start.  The long sprint start went a little better than the weekend before in Hoogerheide as there wasn’t as much elbowing where I was.  Ended up with good positioning before I got to the step-up and step-down section.  I made the first one no problem then the second drop down came up and I for some reason decided to follow some other guys line down the hill.  I figured because he could see in front of him that he had a pretty good line and that he’d make the corner.  BAD ASSUMPTION !!  Well, he went right into the fence and because I was right behind him I smashed into him and the fence and endoed into the crowd pretty much.  Then my bike came flying over top of me too.  Oh ya and I was okay because one of those 3 in diameter wooden posts broke my fall over my colarbone.  I got up and thought that I broke it.  Oh well!  Some english speaking people from in the crowd yelled "jump the fence" so i jumped the fence and then they threw my bike back at me and off i went.  Taking 4 pedals away I realized that I had a flat tire.  So i had to ride a half a lap on a flat tire and I found that it doesn’t work all that well cornering on the pavement.  But, now I have a spare bike and I’m off again trying to catch everyone else as i’m probably at this point the last guy in the race.  SO i rode another full lap on the spare bike and went back in to get my good bike back.  Little did I know the pressure in the tires wasn’t as high as i normally ride them at, so I pinch flatted around the same spot as before.  One more half a lap on the flat tire and I was on the spare bike by this time.  Half a lap later i decided to try and ride the sand pit on the spare bike.  I need to start practicing riding in sand because I endoed pretty good.  Got up and another half a lap later I caught up to Shaun.  I figured I’d ride behind him for a bit to catch my breath before I started to chase down Brian.  BAD IDEA !!  Again, following too close to someone else on this course meant that I was once again going to eat dirt.  We hit a little bit of a muddy section and Shaun slipped out in front of me.  His bike went left and he was sprawled out on the ground in front of me.  No where to go but right into his thigh.  Second Endo for me!  I got up after i flew a ways down the course and turned around to get my bike.  There was Shaun with his bike in his left hand and my bike in his right hand.  So i grabbed my bike and kept a trudging.  I think it was about one lap later when we got lapped by the man Lars Boom.  He had an awesome race and beat the hell out of Niels Albert.  Anywho, my first World Championship Cyclo-cross race and it was pretty much the worst race of my cyclocross career.  Which isn’t much but still !  Oh well, I had the time of my life and learned soo much cool stuff from both the European bike scene and our very own Canadian Team. 
Off for now!