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My Very First Blog

Posted: 4 February 2007 in Uncategorized
Hello Everyone,
As this is my very first blog it’s going to be short and sweet until I can get some pictures and stuff in here.  So, I’m back from Europe racing cyclo-cross for Canada at the World Freakin’ Championships.  So ya, I had some fun and learnt soo much while I was there.  As I am still new to cycling, it was a pretty steep learning curve.  But, 55th in the world isn’t that bad!  I’m still amazed that I got that far.  Anywho, i’ll keep you all posted with pictures when I get them developed.  Yes, developed!  I’m living in the past for now anyways. I think i’m going to get a digital today or something!
Out for now!  Time to eat more pancakes!